Today Walk 1.106

When:  Saturday– All Day- 4/14/2018
Weather: Low 60’s with LOTS of wind
Saturday was a day that would have been nice for a walk. I would have preferred it over the method I chose to get my steps in. I did yard work. Not just yard work, but yard work without a wheelbarrow. I was the wheelbarrow. What did I wheelbarrow around? Sod (20 pieces), bricks, and peat moss.
With our backyard free of the grass-curbing canine, I felt the possibility of success in planting these 20 pieces of sod. My planting was not the “throw it on top of what is there and see if it grows” approach. I dug each of the pieces into the existing soil. I threw peat moss down and mixed it in with the existing soil. While some pieces of the sod did touch other pieces, many of the pieces were dug in independently of the pieces around it. In some cases, a section needed more sod than I could allow for it. I cut the pieces in half and planted them separately. Ideally, the peat moss I spread out in the soil around it will encourage runners to fill in the grass-less areas. Once all the grass was in, I soaked it one time. Following that, I stomped it in really well. Then, I watered it again. I have watered the sod daily since.
I cannot account for how I was able to walk over 16,000 steps. I did carry each piece of sod individually from the front of the house to the back. I also dragged two bags of peat moss to the back. The bags have moved a variety of times to make the spreading out of the peat moss easier. Lastly, bricks were scattered over the front and backyard. They come in handle for holding down netting, pool covers, and anti-hard freeze equipment (both blankets and buckets). Somehow, when everything was totaled up, the steps adding up to over 6 miles.

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