Today’s Walk 1.108


When:  Monday– After work and after dinner- 4/16/2018
Weather: Low 80’s with a very pleasant breeze
Monday had two walks. The earlier one where I was practically ignored. And, the later one with my wife.
I have tried to deduce why my efforts of interacting went unanswered.
  1. One theory is my long flowing locks of hair were blowing in the breeze. The blowing of my hair gave a near serpentine appearance. And, all who encountered me believed me to be Medusa. They were certain I was trying to tempt them to look at me so they would turn to stone. My lack of long hair would seem to make this theory DOA.
  2. The second theory is I was invisible. I was SO invisible, the invisibility also was taken on by my clothes. Was I walking a dog, the looks would have been far more interesting. A live dog would have been interacting with some type of completely transparent object. If my camera/phone were also under my cloak of invisibility, I would quite enjoy recording the facial reactions of those reacting to the “me” that wasn’t there.
  3. I forgot to wear clothes. Everyone knows you don’t give an exhibitionist any of the attention he craves. Their ignoring me was because they were trying to help me. They didn’t want me to encourage any unnecessary attention.
  4. I was wearing my Sodom and Gomorrah t-shirt again. No, I really don’t have one. Maybe the red shirt looked like an offensive hot pink. Maybe some letters imprinted on the shirt gave the impression it was less than seemly to look at. Maybe people had nightmares of turning to salt the previous evening. Whatever the cause, I was not able to make meaningful I contact with anyone. Saying, “Hello” is usually better received if they know you are talking to them. Without eye contact, they may assume you are talking to the little squirrels.
  5. The last is the most likely. Some days, I am just not that interesting. The two ladies walking together have so many important things to say; they can’t be distracted by a stranger. The people who blow by on their bicycles have to maintain their speeds so they can effectively train. For the serious bikers, walkers are only tolerated. Walkers prevent them from taker turns like the biking professionals they profess to be. Those with headphones and cellphones find nature and observations along the trail unworthy of thought. Better to absorb another podcast or listen to a song for the 12th time today.

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