Today’s Walk 1.109

When:  Tuesday– Late Afternoon- 4/17/2018
Weather: Low 80’s with a gusty breeze
Shortly after leaving the house, I passed a man was walking his dog. (A glance at breeds makes it appear to be an American Bully.) This is a common occurrence. I thought little of it. About 25 yards in front of him, I passed a woman walking the same type of dog. It struck me as a little odd, but mild when compared to some of the other things I have seen. We exchanged head nods, and I kept walking.
As I approached the area where I originally passed them, I was able to see them preparing to cross the street. Oddly the man was waiting to cross and the woman came up behind him. They appeared to talk briefly before the traffic cleared so that they could cross. While the woman arrived late to the crosswalk, she pulled ahead and established a similar distance as before. As they waited to cross, the dogs got along and they seemed like a couple. The distance between them on the sidewalk may have just been an exercise to give them their individual time to think. On the other hand, he seemed much friendlier than her. Maybe there was something between them not visible to the innocent observer. They could be maladjusted empty nesters, or they could be trying to figure out if they want to file those divorce papers. Trying to be an optimist, I will continue believing they are a couple that just doesn’t like walking together.
As I was in the middle of passing the couple with their dogs, I crossed the lightly-trafficked road that is barely a road. Hiking to my left along the road was the army guy from a couple of days ago. He was attired the same way. He appeared to be with a fellow hiker who was female and sported long blond hair.
Now that I have seen him twice, I was much less judgmental of his dress. If he wants to wear Army clothes and walk like an exhausted person, I won’t stop him. As I continued my normal pace, I quickly outdistanced him. A backward glance along the path was not kind to his training. He and his blond companion were behind me farther than I would have expected. If I see him a third time, I may make a greater effort to engage him in conversation. If I pass him while brandishing my pocket machete, he might me greatly impressed.

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