Today’s Walk 1.110

When:  Thursday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/19/2018
Weather: Low 70’s with a little heavier breeze.
It was a quick walk. It was squeezed in. I needed to fulfill this obligation so I could fulfill another–going to my daughters’ softball game.
The game was not error-free, but it was consistent with both teams. The game was won in the bottom of the 7th inning. As the home team, my daughters’ team was behind 11-17. The stands were full of students. (Many of the teachers of the school gave bonus points in their classes to the students attended the game.) Between bases-loaded hits, walks from a tired pitcher, and the errors from all over the field, the game did finally end when the 7th run of the bottom of the inning was scored. I found it hard to believe they could score enough runs to win, but they did it. It ended with my youngest daughter at the plate. She watched two “wild pitches” get past the catcher. Two base runners stole home.
After the game, the seniors participated in the final regular season post-game festivities. There were pictures, a few tears, and dirtier, dustier socks as they took pictures of their shoes around home plate. A crowd of parents and the team went out to eat following the game. My early wake up the next morning prevented me from encouraging our attendance.

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