Today’s Walk 1.112

When:  Saturday– Nothing- 4/1202018
Weather: Low 60s with rain
I would have liked to have walked today. The weather guys intimidated me. On a day when I am told the weather will be nice, I view clouds as an anomaly. When I am told the weather will be foul and wet, I view the sunshine as an anomaly and the clouds as the expected. If I was committed to walking, I probably could have found a window that would have worked out. I could have taken my umbrella and put my wife on standby. The umbrella would have covered me with light sprinkles. My wife could have picked me up in the car if the “gusher” unleashed on me. I didn’t tempt the clouds. I just did a few planned projects.  This included putting together the new grill.  My oldest daughter got to improve her ratcheting skills.

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