Today’s Walk 1.115

When:  Tuesday– Mid-afternoon- 4/24/2018
Weather: Low 80’s with a light breeze
When I head out the door to walk, I am either putting on sunglasses that obscure me from seeing any details, OR I am cursed with some figurative cataracts?  I walk out the door and don’t seem to see anything worth mentioning.  My eyes are prevented from seeing anything of interests.  Am I walking at the wrong time?  Are the oddballs walking an hour before or after me?  Am I taking the wrong path?  I see the same cast of characters every day lately.  They may put on different costumes or rotate between one of the more popular characters. (i.e. dog-walker/biker/jogger)  I just need some new characters.  I need the person who will wear the t-shirt I can’t forget.  (I don’t need another guy going around without a shirt.)  I could use a convoy of bikes with some never before seen quality.  I would even settle for a train wreck or a car wreck–I don’t want anyone to be hurt.  I need something to break the monotony.  I would like to find evidence these eyes can still see something interesting.  If the present pattern continues, I will just “phone the blog post in”.  I used to get them done within a couple of days.  Today, I am doing almost a weeks worth in one day.  What kind of quality is that?  I need to find a new fire for this “series” or I need to find a new topic.

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