Today’s Walk 1.150

The weather doesn’t really matter like it did when I was writing this blog almost daily.  Spring has moved out of the way and allowed the 90’s of early summer (late summer is the 100’s with great frequency) to be the norm.  The time of day also seems of much less importance.  If it is the weekend, I walk as early in the day as possible.  And, if it is a weekday, I usually walk before dinner with the very occasional post-dinner walk.  I am slow in posting this.  If I am satisfied with what I come up with, I will post this on Memorial Day.

I am not sure what possessed me to give up the daily posting I fought so hard to include as part of my 2018. As “nothing new” became ordinary, the desire to write in my blog became far less interesting.  It is hard to be drawn to something that you have grown to hate because of its absolute mundaneness.  After I passed the 100 mark, I sensed I would fall into the trap.  Once my mind began to accept the idea of letting the posting streak die, it was not at all difficult to force “blog post” to the bottom of my priorities list.  Though it resided there for a couple of weeks, it is my goal to promote it at least once a week.  A boring walk is excruciating to write and read about.  If not once a week, then writing whenever something notable occurs is better than neglecting it entirely.

A summary of the week’s walk (or in the case of today, a few weeks walks) will confirm a few things:

  1. I am still alive and have access to the internet.
  2. I am still capable of recognizing something of interest and describing in a way a reader can appreciate.  (If not all the time, maybe more times than not.)
  3. I care about telling stories and when I grow up someday, I might write fiction or non-fiction or something of some lingering value.

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