Today’s Walk 151

From the notable department, I drag these tales into the light of day.  I am hopeful the details have not entirely eroded from when they were first witnessed.  I am hopeful I can weave a portion of the enthusiasm into the story I felt when they were viewed.  They were outside of the ordinary, or at least outside of MY ordinary.

  • Gasless:  A husband apparently made the unfortunate decision to drive his car with a tank on fumes.  As I walked up on him, he was trying to put gas in the car with the empty tank.  He was too embarrassed to have his wife/girlfriend nearby as he remedied the inconvenience.  His wife was sticking her head out the window of her car that was parked behind him trying to look nonchalant.  He ignored her and just filled his car with every drop he could get out of the portable tank.
  • Bloody Bike:  There are some places on the path where bikers don’t have a clear view of what is to come.  When they ride their bike at the speeds many of them find favorable, many a pedestrian has been more than startled.  On this day, it was the biker who was startled.  As the biker came around a blind corner where the brush was growing tall, she came upon a couple spread across the whole path with their two small dogs.  When I walked into the scene, the biker was laying/sitting in the middle of the sidewalk with her glasses askew.  Her hair was disheveled as she spoke on the phone.  The drops of blood were still fresh and abundant.  As I passed, I wished the rider well.  The dog owners were doing everything I could do.
  • Jake:  As I was coming up on the bridge close to the house, there was a clear photographic session taking place.  There was a woman with a “bursting bump”.  Her props were gray styrofoam letters sitting on the top of the bridge.  They were about 18 inches tall.  They spelled out “J-A-K-E”.  Just after I passed the scene the letter “J” blew off the bridge.  I am sure they fixed the letter before taking more pictures. The would-be mother would certainly have some “ache” (ake) before Jake arrived.
  • TV Works:  Whether this TV was related to our TV a few years ago is doubtful, but it brought back memories.  A few years ago, my son rescued a TV from the street on trash day.  It wore a sign, “TV Works”.  After letting the TV ripen in the garage for awhile, we decided to find out if the sign was speaking truth OR if our delay confirmed what we already suspected.  Unfortunately, if the TV worked, it was outside of my skill level to make it perform.  Eventually, the TV ended up on our curb during a trash day.  I don’t believe it was my idea, but my son may have been responsible for attaching another sign to the TV to encourage its invitation into another home.  When it disappeared from our curb, we laughed.  When it appeared on someone else curb a few weeks later, we laughed even harder.  On the day I was reminiscing about our earlier TV adventures, I was walking 2 miles from our house.  This TV was also a large projection TV.  It had a sign similar to the sign attached on our curb.  (Rather the sign had blown into the street, but its purpose was similar to our own–get the TV cleared from our property by garbage man or deceit.)  The TV was gone the next day.  Hopefully, this time the TV found a home where it earned its keep.

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