Today’s Walk 2.00

With the second half of the year upon us and with my fledgling blog in dire need of attention and new ideas, I have graduated to a “2” for counting my post.  It is a small thing.  I am hoping it gives me more frequent inspiration than the waning days of the previous incantation.

Today, I found a near sure fire way to have the sidewalk to your self.  I decided to walk in the middle of the afternoon on one of the hottest days of the year.  (Over 100 degrees should easily qualify.) The humidity was low, and the breeze was light enough to keep the sweat from over accumulating on my shirt.  The humidity was so low and the sweat so minimal I was concerned early on that my sweat glands had forgotten how to correctly work in the Texas climate.  (We recently got back from a vacation in a cooler part of the world.)

My writing of this post proves it did not kill me.  In fact, the heat is likely to inspire me to an additional posting in the VERY NEAR future.


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