Today’s Walk 2.01

The contrast between yesterday’s walk and today’s walk was remarkable. Today’s walk was nearly 6 hours earlier in the day than yesterday.  Cooler temperatures were expected–20 degrees cooler made my heat-weary body VERY happy.  Texas may not welcome walkers during all hours of the day, but there are periods–even in the summertime–where it is much more inviting.

It was like the sidewalks were being rewarded for their diligence.  Rain or shine, the sidewalks are there.  Heat or chill they provide a path.  The morning provides opportunities for shade not available later in the day.  Today, the shaded areas were covered in gold dust as the trees gave up a portion of their pollen.  If pedestrians and bikers can tickle its backside on a national holiday, the sidewalk will continue to bide its time during the less desirable days.  If I were a sidewalk, I would have been quite pleased today.  The path was oozing with people.  If it were not raining people, then they seemed to be crawling out of the cracks between sections of the sidewalk.  My fellow pedestrians were very thick, and they were mostly friendly.  One lady paused her singing to give me a “Hello”.  I preferred the distractions of her singing to the occasional phone conversation I am often forced to encounter.  Even the often aloof bicyclist chose to be more social as they celebrated Independence Day.

The only negative thing–not negative for me–was the work being done today on the train tracks.  This ongoing project is apparently far enough behind.  The 4th of July would have to be a “triple overtime” holiday, wouldn’t, it?  Holes are being dug and re-dug-certainly this could have waited just one more day.  Concrete has been dislodged and repoured–apparently there are others sucked into working on this day.  I hope those who chose, or were told, to work today can pause and reflect on the bounty we share in being Americans.  As the case with me, I try to pause a little bit every day to reflect on the freedoms we are blessed with in this country.  We don’t have to agree on everything.  We should all agree on the honor due to those who were willing to sacrifice nearly 250 years ago to allow our present freedoms to be available.

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