Good News, Bad News

I needed a hair cut

Good: I have hair.

Bad: How long is the line?

Good: Online check in. Yeah, 0 minute wait.

Bad: The online application doesn’t have an asterick telling you the power is half out and only 2 of 5 stylist have equipment beyond scissors that are able to work right now..

Good News: My favorite stytlist, Xanadu (not her real name) is one of the few that has rechargeable clippers.

Bad News: My daughters (or daugher Xanadu would not give up) told Xanadu about my blog so she was ready to pounce on me and try to get me on the defensive.

Good News: Xanadu was able to cut my hair using natural lighting since her station is near the front of the business.

Bad News: The lack of electricity made the place a little extra chaotic. Xanadu got pulled a few different directions while clipping away at my head. AND, she is able to cut and talk at the same time.

Good News: We bought a card where we pre-paid for a number of haircuts.

Bad News: The card has officially been given up as lost with an excessive number of haircuts remaining.

Good News: I got to bond with Xanadu a little more. She is a good kid who I enjoy chatting with. And, I think she enjoys chatting with me too!

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