Pandemic Life

Fortunately, pandemic life has evolved over the past 5+ months.  This does not mean it is better.  It does mean we are more grateful for things we used to take entirely for granted.  It means there are still frequent reminders of the before and during…  (I am hoping the “after” is more closely aligned with the “before” then the “now”.)

  • When walking on very wide paths, I get offended when I on the far side of the path, and the person coming at me from the other direction hugs the middle of the path.
  • I do laugh at people who wear masks when they are out in the beautiful outdoors walking at the park.
  • Walking while listening to audiobooks is good, but walking while chatting with one of your children is better.
  • The directional aisle markers were annoying when they first were placed on the floor to try and control the traffic movement.  Just to have fun today, I tried to honor the “One Way” requests.  It was annoying, and I was the only one trying to honor it.
  • The plastic barriers available to checkout staff are an excellent addition.  I appreciated each of them hanging in there when they were one of the few people we saw outside of our family.  Even if they just give the appearance of safety, I welcome its presence as we navigate the checking out process.
  • Buying a car the last week of February (two weeks before the pandemic) has given us the opportunity to get 6 months to the tank full of gas…and we are still going.
  • I feel bad for local businesses, especially the restaurants we like.  But their food is not as appealing when you bring it home and eat it at your kitchen table.
  • I miss the smiles.  The eyes may have an extra twinkle when the person smiles.  Some people seemed to have given up the effort.  I still feel obligated to tell people I am smiling even when it is obscured by the smile-blocker.
  • When adult children come home to stay during the pandemic, they have different ideas of what “home rules” should be.  Even when parents think they are being flexible, they are “old-fashioned.”
  • The constant availability of food early on in the pandemic boomeranged in the summer.  We still wanted to cook, but the crew didn’t eat with the zest they did at the beginning of the pandemic.  They still ate, but they needed to save room for all of the baked items.  The baked items have since been given up, too.
  • My family is glad they didn’t have to face this crazy time without a swimming pool.  My wife is especially grateful.
  • Having new neighbors move in during a pandemic is not very welcoming.
  • Saying “goodbye” to neighbors moving out was as simple as a text.
  • Exchange students can haves their lives quickly disrupted when their home countries want them back.
  • It really stinks when major European vacations get canceled.
  • I thought I was a thankful person before, but it is obvious I have far more to learn in this area.

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