Labor Weekend

I didn’t have to let all the tasks pile up until this week.  It just worked out that way.  Between the yard, the pool, and the removal of the expanding foam sprayed along the top of the house to keep the wasps out, I have been exceptionally busy.  All the tasks were predictable.  I knew I would close the days with an achy back and tired legs.  (I woke up Saturday morning with my left knee muscle twitching uncontrollably.)  The pool was the real unknown.

Over the past month, I have tried to get two quotes on fixing the skimmer area of the pools.  I had to call to have the first quote sent to me, and the second quote never arrived.  On the quote I received, I was told the cost was over $1,000 and the pool would need to be drained entirely.  After checking with my buddies at the pool store, I found the product I needed for under $40.  It would be a little messy.  Fortunately, it was not allergic to water like the companies that provided quotes.  I would just have to remove a couple inches of water.

Today was the day of the siphon.  YouTube videos provided the shortcuts.  It still took us two tries to get a slight, but continual trickle out of the “bye-bye” water end.  After weeding in the backyard for two hours, the water level was nearly as full as at the start.  I tried to expand my siphon knowledge and move the hose around, but it made no difference.  In frustration, I started heaving 5-gallon buckets of water out of the pool while my wife was preparing dinner.  Mocking my wife’s tone, my son came out saying,  “Don’t hurt your back, luvvy.”  I was trying hard to use my knees, but tomorrow will bring what it brings.  Believing myself ingenious, I am letting the siphon work all night.  If I have missed something and if the siphon speeds up, the pool may be empty by morning.

Tomorrow I will be mixing this cement-like stuff and applying it to the areas of need.  If I wait until mid-week, the pool temperature will shift past refreshing and into the near-polar-bear range. (A cold front is coming through.) So, whether or not I like it, tomorrow is the day.  If I do it correctly, I get to save myself a few dollars.  And, if I do it wrong, I will hope to give it a favorably retelling.

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