The Filler

What can you write about when you have made a commitment to be consistent in your blog posting but have nothing to write about?  Ideally, you want to write something people will read.  But, when the goal is to post something and not my readership, you can get away with about anything you want.

If I were to talk about tonight’s unexciting dinner, I would tell you how it was a hybrid.  The hamburgers were warmups.  The salad was a mix bought at the store.  (I dumped it in a bowl.  Then, I tossed in the crunchies, the cheese, and 1/2 of the dressing.)  The broccoli was a 3-pound bag.  I chopped it up into more mouth-sized chunks before putting it in the oven to roast at 350 for 45 minutes.  (I tossed it a couple times along the way.)  The conversation covered the workday and the dinner options for tomorrow night.

Or, I could discuss the drain snake that was inadequate for my needs.  The roots have a firm hold in the drains around the perimeter of the pool.  With a large elm tree nearby, this should be no surprise.  What was a surprise was the hunks of concrete that I could manually remove from one drain.  I cleared the visible network of roots. But there are far more.  I see an encounter with an essential worker who will miraculously clear out my drainage line for a donation to his favorite charity.  Or a check for his company and a tip for him.  (Or her…how sexist of me.)

Finally, I am unsure of the next work project that I have been teasing myself with.  The spreadsheets need to be reviewed, and the viability has to be determined.  And, before we could make any actual money, there would be a series of water hazards to avoid.  If I only had some other fantastic options, I could give my involvement a thumbs-down and move on.  While this option may not be great, this pathway is certain to have some colorful stories.  And colorful stories are more interesting than filler…

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