Keeping The Streak Alive

In my appraisal of my mental abilities, I am just barely capable of cobbling together the requisite number of words to warrant a post.  Warrant?  No, I am doubtful it will rank that high in the review.  Yet, I persevere and attempt to keep the streak alive.

Today was far busier than one of my normal days.  It consisted of:

  • I left the house shortly after 8 to meet with my potential partner.  The goal was to set up a car-counter for a customer.  The customer is considering building a carwash.  They want to have a rough idea of how many cars are going past the proposed location.  After arriving, we found out the speed limit on this road was 55 mph.  And the cars seemed drawn to our fluorescent yellow jackets.  To compound our problems, we had equipment problems.  For safety reasons, I saw the equipment, but I could not participate in the setup.
  • My companion for the day is quite the social (read networking) individual.  We met with someone who might play a role in the partnership.  I ate some “burnt ends” for the first time.  And I shook my first hand since the pandemic started.  I have bumped lots of knuckles, but nothing says, “Glad to meet you.”, like a handshake.
  • The internet was out when I got back to the house.  Whenever my wife makes me aware of this, I feel responsible.  With her working from the house, her work depends on having access.  With a new neighbor in the house next door less than 24 hours and a cable company truck sitting out front of their house, I saw someone to blame.  I scoped the unattended vehicle.  Then, I called and got a call back from the company.  While I was on the phone, they tickled the internet modem from afar.  It worked after about 10 minutes.  This took all the wind out of my sails for a credit to my bill.  If she wasn’t so nice, I may have had enough energy to push a little harder.
  • Last, I was short on an ingredient for dinner.  I ran up to Aldi’s and picked the key ingredient and other necessary items up.  The winner of the “necessary item prize” was the bacon/habanero pretzel thins.  These items are not stocked items.  To keep my sons happy, I am probably skewing the popularity of this product.  But their consumption makes the purchases valid.  Pretzels are another form of “temptation therapy”.  Cookies have also been part of temptation therapy, but they are with the added calorie count.

Maybe tomorrow I will have thoughts worthy of a word count.  Today, I just have a word count.  I am keeping the streak alive so I can celebrate the more cohesive postings.  I didn’t say the journey would be an easy one…

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