Political Preferences

As my wife and I watched the news last night, we saw a small little grandmother walk up to a podium.  She was speaking such hateful things.  You could almost see the spittle flying out of her mouth as she reiterated the talking points of her party.

I commented to my wife, “For a person in their 80’s to be that angry, she must be filled with lots of hate.”

She replied, “Oh, I agree.”

If you didn’t know, this grandmother is Nancy Pelosi. She has a handful of kids and grandkids.  Despite these many things that should make her happy, she has to summon all of her anger every time she gets in front of the microphone.  (When the President is a blue-colored animal, the highest-ranking red-colored animal does the same thing.  This is the jockeying part of politics.)  Maybe I should admire her ability to be so angry.  Yet, the inconsistencies in her life make it difficult.  Her actions show she thinks she is better than those she is supposed to serve.  (i.e. the recent hair salon story) Does this make her different from other politicians?  Again, not really.  What motivates a woman in her ninth decade to take part in this charade?  She claims to be working for those who have nothing while constantly breathing in the power.  And, if her power is diminished temporarily, she sucks a youth serum from straw a awaiting her return to the majority.  If her district is smart enough to retire her this fall, they will do themselves a great service.

I should probably indict all politicians who have been in Washington so long.  They no longer remember what it is like to live outside of the bubble.  They use decade-old memories to justify their actions.  They, I mean people from both parties, are so focused on keeping their sins buried and their accomplishments at the forefront.  It is no wonder voters are so jaded.

I know I am.  For President, I take both candidates and scrub all of the political dirt off of them.  Some of the dirt is old, and we are told some of the dirt is not dirt at all.  Yes, I know how I am voting.  Only one candidate will permit me to come out of the voting booth saying, “I voted for [That Guy], but that doesn’t mean I approve of all his actions.”  Oh, and I pray the decision I am making is the right one, too.

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