Weight Of An Opinion

There used to be an expression, “That and a quarter and yourself can get a cup of coffee.”  While the price of coffee has gone up, an opinion still has the same value.

Because an opinion has so little value outside of your own head, or at least outside of your personal cabal, why are people so free in giving opinions on social media?  I can understand a particular event so dominating a person’s thinking they temporarily believe an opinion expressed on social media is going to make a difference.  The wiser people realize the limits of social media in changing opinions.  The unwise people who think they can save the world plaster their social media with very opinionated posts.  If their posts lean the same direction as you do, the offense is likely lessened.  If the posts are blatantly “anti” your candidate or completely go against your political beliefs, you just turn off posts from that person.  (A person who posts an average of every hour of every day may also suffer this fate.)

Social media to me is a means of staying in touch.  Two posts per week are about right.  If you are convinced you need to post more frequently than that, you may need to evaluate if people care about you enough to read that level of detail.  If you need to tell intimate details of your life, volunteer to buy a friend a coffee and talk their leg off.  If you need to share all of your political opinions including trying to convince others why your arguments are so much more relevant than all the other posts from people who also have the most excellent opinions, contact a major network and try to get hired as a consultant.  The pay is better and they will appreciate you more.

If we made people pay you to listen to their opinions, we might have a workable solution.  Professional athletes are trying to tell us their opinions are worth more than ours.  Their credentials?  They have access to the media and egos to match their paychecks.  (It is my blog so I can state whatever I want) Those who have to tell you they are smarter than you probably aren’t.  If I ask for your opinion, I deserve everything I get.  If I don’t ask for your opinion, but you insist on giving it to me anyway, I will avoid every platform necessary to prevent myself from hearing a sermon from an athlete (or anyone) who should let his athletic skills (or any skills) do his preaching.

As a parent, I deal with the same issues.  As my adult children move further into adulthood, I would like to give them guidance from my wealth of experience.  Yet, if they don’t ask for help and I just start talking, they may hear my shared opinion, but it will be unheeded.  If they ask for my opinion, I can use my experiences to instruct.  And, if we schedule a time to discuss, we might talk over coffee.

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