More Filler

When your wife says, “They messed my drink up.  Could you please get this taken care of?, that is what I do.  Since the day was so slow, I immediately arranged for her to get her fresh drink.  (We do not drink mixed drinks during the workday.  We barely drink anything at all.  Flavored syrup found its way into my wife’s Coke Zero.)  Since she was slaving so we can keep food on the table, I could not come up with one good reason I could not make her drink my top priority.   Unfortunately for me, the fast-food restaurant was very responsive and remedied the problem immediately.  This left me with the need to find something even more exciting to highlight my day.

This is a mosquito trap.  This trap and its siblings have been creating additional health fears in our area.  We are told a large percentage of the mosquitos caught are carrying the West Nile virus.  Apparently, the mosquitos are not wise enough to know it is a trap.  Or, maybe, they just send the really sick ones into the trap to push the numbers up.  On the evening news for the mosquitos, the news anchor announces when the silly humans will be spraying.  I am not sure if the older members of the mosquito community volunteer to give themselves up, or if there are any senior mosquitos.  I just know they are often hungry, and they hide in the shadows.  If there is a superhero called, “Mosquito Man”, I could not take him seriously.  (A quick internet search appears to identify two images of such a character.  If a Mosquito is a superhero, what villains does he go against?  What are his secret powers?  I have no interest in knowing beyond the purposes of this posting.)

Last, I cleaned out approximately 1/3 of the garage today.  The carpets lining the door all needed vacuuming.   When one of our recent neighbors moved out, we borrowed a carpet from the street on trash day.  Now, the carpets are completely lining the pathway from the door to the trash cans.  This gives barefoot access to both the freezer and refrigerator along the wall.  Before you come over and seriously walk barefoot in the garage, you may want to know what else I found out there.  I found a rodent that was recently deceased.  And I found another one that was not nearly as recent, but definitely less than a year.

In summary, don’t walk through the garage to the car barefooted to drive across the street to get your soft drink.  If you wear socks and shoes, it will give the mosquitos fewer places to nibble.  And, if you check the drinks before you bring them home, you won’t have to make a second trip.

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