…And Then Day 22

After completing 3 weeks of language studying while walking, I started to think I was going to skate through until day 30.  I even wrote a blog post bragging on how well I was doing.  I bragged on what I was going to accomplish.  And I made it seem like Level 5 was mine if I was only willing to show up every day for 5 months.

The Pimsleur system was holding back a surprise.  On day 22 ( i.e. as I write this, that was yesterday), they switched everything over so they gave the instructions in German.  Now, I had to hear what I was being told to do in German.  After doing some amount of translating in my head,  I would construct a proper German response.  After the first listen, I did fair.  After the second listen, I did a little better.  Finally, after the third lesson, I may have had about 80% of it.  I am not sure if my replies were from memory, but most of the replies communicated the desired meaning.

As I write this after the 23rd lesson, it seems Pimsleur felt guilty in their treatment of us on day 22.  They asked us to convert many English numbers into their German equivalent.  That was easy for me, and an opportunity to rest my mind.  This was a treat compared to the feelings I had prior to my walk.  Maybe I won’t dread tomorrow’s walk nearly as much!

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