Normally Scheduled Texting

The contrarian response is somebody has to die so I can live to 100–we can’t all live that long. But, the reality is it is very sad. I have hinted at this before…the big question is whether we/you are ready to die and meet your maker. There is no time for adjustments after you are called out of this world. Okay, the preaching is now over. I return you to your normal texting. 🙂

I replied to a friend’s text yesterday.  At the beginning of the week, a high school classmate died.  I had no idea he was sick or was suffering in any way.  After a couple of decades, you just don’t keep track of that many classmates.  Coming from a small school, I am possibly held to a higher degree of accountability.  Clearly, this post is not about the choices you make in maintaining relationships.

In a senior class of under 100 graduates, my friend and I have counted 5 classmates that have died.  Some went from popularity to obscurity, and one of them died before she graduated from college.  We never know when our time will come.  Our body may tell us it is not well, but it gives us no guarantees.  When nothing is for sure, we better make sure we have eternity locked down, or as much as we can lock it down on this side of the grave.

When I text with this friend, I am often tempted to hop on my soapbox temporarily.  He knows where I stand on faith, and he knows what I have faith in.  But, as we have our regular text back and forth, I don’t make it prominent.  He is my friend, and we share many views.  We just don’t share the same view of eternity.  So, when this death took place, I wanted to make sure I gave a little nudge.  If he responds, I am available for the discussion.  If he doesn’t respond, then I hope this attempt lodges somewhere in his mind.

We are all accountable for the life choices we make.  I care for him enough to remind him, but I will not have a one-sided conversation if he doesn’t want to have it.   I can’t force him or anyone else to accept something he is unwilling to accept.  I can only give out reminders of a day I hope is far in both of our futures.  At some point, we both will die.  At that moment, our ability to change the direction of our eternity is forever revoked.  God locks in our eternal destination.  For the sake of my friend, I hope he eventually hears me or hears someone else.  Eternity is a long time to suffer for believing a good life is enough.

If he never delves into this text, that is okay.  I will probably take liberties when another classmate dies.  Once the text is sent, I can just pray that is the text that will tickle his heart and cause him to ask, “What about that eternity stuff?”

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