Rejects And Outtakes

Sometimes, you have something to say, and sometimes you don’t.  I am sometimes possessed by something I egotistically think is sheer brilliance.  Then I walk away without writing it down.  I am left regretting my arrogance.  “Oh, I can remember it.”  When I do this enough times, I attempt to make a blog post with the thoughts that didn’t rise far enough.

  • Furnace Dies:  Technically, I guess this would be the air conditioner.  But, since that is what I started with, I will just go with it. The a/c has been a fickle character over the entire summer.  (The original owners put in 3 air conditioners-not my choice.  The upstairs unit collects all the rising heat.  It is also the area with the most difficulty in zapping the heat and making it cool.  After the upstairs folk survived a couple of warm days (I attempted to freeze us out downstairs and send the cool air upstairs.  Yet, without getting the heat to leave, the cool air was content to hang out on the first floor.)  The cold front spared the upstairs guys when the temperature was 20 degrees cooler the next morning.  Getting the a/c fixed long-term involved bribery and raising my voice, but not to the same person.  The game room upstairs now has a new return and a new vent.  The “non-cooling” problem was resolved by fixing a faulty connection outside.  The inside stuff was only because we finally found an a/c guy who knew how to listen and solve problems.
  • Neighbor on walk:  When new neighbors move in during a pandemic, it may take a few weeks/months until you figure out who they are.  Our newest neighbors have been there nearly 3 weeks…or is it 4?  I have spoken to the wife and talked briefly with her.  Part of our conversation involved their “bark-happy-rescue” dog.  After she apologized for him, I let her know the previous owners whopper-of-a-dog story.  As long as she didn’t surpass the previous neighbor’s accomplishments, she had nothing to worry about.  Fortunately, I am almost certain my failed attempt to start a conversation with a couple I passed while walking was NOT my neighbors.  If it was them, their avoidance of my conversation effort was a formal disapproval of my “neighbor’s ghost dog” story.
  • Vietnamese on walk:  Along my walk, I go through two neighborhoods.  Along one street, I frequently talked to a Vietnamese man.  The last time we talked was last October.  It is his habit to go to Vietnam for the winter.  This past year, they lengthened his trip considerably by cancelled flights.  When he could finally fly back, it was through Korea.  He claimed only about 15% of the seats were full. (out of 350) Lucky for him, he has a neighbor willing to take care of his house.  Presently, he claims there is approximately a 4 week quarantine if he goes back to Vietnam.
  • Smoking Neighbor:  Not having a/c is not a problem when you have enough windows to get things cooled down.  But, if the same windows bring in all the smoke from the neighbors “low and slow” meat efforts next door, then it changes the impact.  The fickle a/c wouldn’t allow us to close the windows, so we got to experience calorie-free smoked meat at our neighbor’s–or was is our–expense.

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