Wasp Meets Man

I didn’t intentionally meet the wasp today.  In the past, I have wreaked havoc in their worlds through a variety of methods.  Primarily, I have done this wasp spray.  I have a small stockpile of spray ready for an active nest.  I am not one to say, “I am too busy relaxing right now.  Let me put that nest on my list.”  I run into the garage and emerge with both hands loaded for action.  When I see wasp landing on an external wall and sneaking into the house (not sure where the path leads, but it does lead in), I put expandable foam on my list so I can fill that void.  And, after I fill a void or spray a nest, I would be lying if I did not admit to taking some small pleasure in watching the chaos that follows.

Today, I was doing a little yardwork.  With buzzing wasp being a regular feature of the backyard landscape, I rarely let them bother me.  With today’s efforts being focused at the pool slide, it only took a quick glance under the slide to see there was a new nest.  I put my small project on hold as I shifted my attention to getting loaded with wasp spray.  Apparently, my previous peek had put me on the wasp “attack radar.”  I had no sooner approached the slide then my proboscis became a pincushion for the attack wasp.  His dance on my nose was not pleasant.  After my frantic shoos and swats dislodged him, it left me with a pricked nose.  There was no stinger protruding from the prick.  Yes, my nose is certain it took on some unhappy juice.  The nose has not swollen, but my sinuses and sneezes are a clear indication they were left a little tickled.  If I would have only been wearing my mask, the wasp might have been afraid of me and sought someone who was willing to sacrifice their nose for his frustrations.

Oh, if it matters, I did spray the wasp nest.  After cursing my bad luck, I completed the spraying of the nest.  Ideally, I could have just killed the angry bugs.  Instead, it approached revenge.  I did not pull a mirror out to see what kind of crooked smile I was wearing as I activated the death button on the can.  At the end of the encounter, the wasps were dead.  And I was grateful I didn’t have my dad’s allergy.  Fortunately, one thing not lost when you age is your ability to take a wasp/.bee sting…or at least I hope.

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