It Is What Happens

As I was working on the pool today, I was smelling a very unpleasant odor. I knew what it probably meant. I just could not find the source. When going to church this morning and visiting friends last night, the roadkill was quite frequent. With no roads or highways in our backyard, I didn’t expect to find this type of sacrifice. My mind did go back to yesterday when I put new poison in the rat trap…

I wish I didn’t have to police rat/mouse poop, but it goes with being a homeowner. After a significant rat infestation in the garage a number of years ago (When my son’s dog and his dog food resided there.), I am always looking. When the dropping get thick and concentrated, you either have to shrug your shoulders or decide to do something. My “something” was buying another feeder to dispense the special candy. I situated the dispenser in the thickest part of the droppings. They disguise the dispenser as a black box. The disguise allows the rat to think he is such a smart rat for exploring and finding the treat.

As I continued to work on the pool, the odor was unavoidable. The house was the center of the smell. In front of the house, the flower bed would be a likely path for any critters running the perimeter of the house. Slightly covered by leaves, the rat rested lay. I grabbed an inverted plastic bag and used it to pick up his remains. It is likely the rat was chilling in the flower bed the previous day. (It was a warm day, so his “chilling” led to him “smelling” today.) I tied the bag in a knot and tossed into the trash can.

I will keep filling the candy dispenser. If our slain foe was a hermit, he had no problems with irregularity. The most likely scenario was a rat scout who went down. If the dispenser needs filled a couple more times before Halloween, I will turn my nose-dial to “sensitive” and see what else shows up. When rats eat poison, death does happen.

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