Hurricane Headache

I woke dark o’clock that morning with a headache pounding the middle of my forehead. Was it low-pressure induced? Was it lack of adequate hydration? Were we in the path of the hurricane and the cone was projecting out its mayhem?

As we traveled across the country, another 36 hours in Nashville would have put us firmly in Delta’s path. If we would have taken the southern route (taking US 20) to the east coast, We have no idea what type of traffic and rain we would have encountered. As we were driving along US 40, we saw multiple convoys of electric trucks driving toward the hurricane in anticipation of the chaos it was going to leave behind.

Even though our race to get ahead of the cone seemed successful, as we continued to journey east of Nashville, the rain increased. Coupled with the construction, the fewer miles to travel on our second day was ultimately more painful. Rain, construction, fog and mountains are some of the siblings hated by all distance drivers. Would we have left a day earlier, the southern path to the east coast may have been more available. Having made the northern choice, we are taking credit for being good citizens. We left the southern path open for our rain deluged brothers in the bayou.

If the percentage of driving done by me is factored in, I have no room to whine. My biggest valid complaint is, “I find it very difficult to read on a winding, foggy road when it is raining.” Just me and my 1st world problems!!

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