Todays Walk

This project is immediately traced back to this morning.  In reality, it precedes today by a number of years.  I am one of those people who make new years resolutions.   As the old resolutions prepare to turn to dust, I often do a review of those guilty arrows the previous year launches in my general direction.  My secret to writing resolutions has been writing them generic enough a minimum effort can allow them to be achieved.  Or, if I would “fail” in the goals, I would write a defense of my failure as last years resolutions are wrapped up and put permanently to bed.  I have decided the excuses are no longer good enough.

The ambitious goal is to write a blog post for every one of my daily walks.  (Mostly daily.)  If for some reason I don’t walk that day, I will note the excuse for my perceived laziness.  I will ramble about something else or bring out a “best of”.  Should I not have internet access on a given day or week, I will attempt to write a post and upload when the option is available.  The length of the post might vary depending on a variety of factors:

  • Was there anything to see that day?
  • Was my brain able to process and creatively retell anything I saw?  (I am hoping my standard for “creative” also improves as the year goes on.  Do I have more “good” or “bad” brain days?)
  • Was I really serious about this goal?  Can I continue to maintain it as a priority? (I am not getting any younger.  If I am going to seriously attempt to write, I need to do it soon!!)

My undergirding motivation is to write what I think is important.  I will edit the unnecessary and likely over-indulge my own interest.  If others choose to read this, I will be grateful.  I am writing for myself.  Committing to a public “release” of a daily writing sample “should” play upon my sense of responsibility and accountability.  I will pretend it will be hard.  Secretly, I am anxious for the challenge.

The numbering convention makes sense to me.  In case it is not obvious, let me explain.  The first post in this project is “1.0”. Logically, this is meant to be my first year of the project (The “1”) and the number to the right of the decimal is the number of the post.  (December 31st became the “0”.)  My hope is a daily post.  This would allow the number to the right of the decimal to correspond to the day of the year.  Should the first of February be “32”, I will become more confident of meeting this goal.  If a goal is not set, then there is nothing to miss.  So, I am wishing myself luck!

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