…And For Your Dog?



While have a little lunch date with my wife yesterday (it was a Saturday and all of the kids were either working or at the mall), we has an unusual experience.  We walked up to the host, and he seated us like he always does.  After we were seated, we started taking in our surroundings.  Since the Mexican restaurant was not very crowded, it did not take us long to identify our canine companion.  He was sitting nicely by his mistress in their booth.  (The husband was sitting across from her….she didn’t embark on this little adventure by herself.)

My mind was not very interested in the happenings in our shared lives, so the dog did help us to occupy the lulls in our conversations:

“What would the health inspector do if he saw that.”

“She probably does not get out that much.  She sees nothing wrong with it.”

“Maybe she is such a hoarder the dog has no where to sit down at their house.”

“What if he has fleas or something?” (After they left, we were tempted to tell the 4 Hispanic laborers who next sat in the booth.)

“Does nobody else notice?  Does every one notice but are pretending they don’t?”

“Before we leave I am going to say something to the manager!”  (While this embarrassed me a bit when she said it, it did seem like the right thing to do.)

After the dog and his accomplishes left, my wife did ask to see the manager.  I felt badly for the server.  He did oblige.  The manager was at our table quickly.

She started, “Did you know the dog was in here?  Certainly that is not a normal thing!”

Sheepishly, the manager replied, “We were just talking about that.  We have never had to put a sign at the door about dogs.  I guess we will need too.  When they came in, the host told me he did not see a dog.  They must have brought the dog in inside her bag.  Then when they sat down, they got it out of the bag.”

Reaching a bit, but still giving him an excuse to comp our meal if he wanted, “Good thing the health inspector did not come in today.”

He apologized again while not responded to my nightmare possibility.

As the pictures shows, the boldness in carrying the dog out as she did when leaving seemed to be flaunting her sin.  She seemed to be completely comfortable carrying her dog out of a dining area he will never see again.  (I am saying this assuming the manager follows thru and installs the sign he said he would.)  If I were more a dog person, I could easily accept the theory, “It is just like a kid to her.  She meant nothing wrong.”  Short of mental illness, civilized society knows pets don’t eat where other people do.  Should she choose carryout every day of the week and dine with her faithful canine by her side, I would have no problems.  Short of going to a picnic outside, I choose not share my air or table scraps with anything commonly found on a leash.  Dine hardy, but leave your pets at home.

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